Korean beauty face pack |Innisfree product review

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Mask game on ft Innisfree capsule recipe pack.

By now you must have known, how I love trying out new skincare products and pampering my skin.I must admit kbeauty products are just topping my skincare list.

Face masks are a very nice way to keep your skin refreshed and glowy,every now and then and what better than Innisfree capsules.

Innisfree’s capsule masks ticks all the requirements:

Travel friendly☑️ affordable☑️ Light on the skin☑️Variants ☑️cute packaging☑️

Innisfree offers a lot of variants to choose from just for INR 150 I chose pomegranate,kiwi,seaweed and rice pack.compact packaging and perfectly sized for good 5-6 uses is a genius idea for a person like who can get bored of a product pretty soon.

Buy it online here : https://nykaa.ly/P_79622

Quick little info about these face packs for glowing skin :

Pomegranate: This gel based leave on mask is my favourite from their range along with the seaweed mask.Mildly fragrant and pink in colour gives a nice glow to the skin.

Rice pack:This is a sleeping pack meant for brightening your face, sadly I din’t enjoy it’s creamy texture as it felt very sticky and greasy on the skin.

Kiwi: A cream based pack with minute gritty particles,smells nice but I again feel it’s too creamy and makes it way too oily for me.

Seaweed: This gives a hot tingling sensation the moment you apply it for about 1 to 2 mins and becomes normal thereafter.This gel based pack is light on skin and is effective in making your skin look healthy.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little review.

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